Cows more important than Women in India?

So people here are three causes that I strongly feel about.

It’s time to be true to my conscience and talk about them.

P.S – There is no intention to hurt any community. This is my perspective of how I see things.

1. WHY ARE THE RELIGIOUS MINORITY TARGETED: wpid-fb_img_1426918642866.jpg

This is dedicated to all the nuns and priests who have been attacked, raped, killed only because they practiced their religion.

Raping a 72 year old nun. Does any religion preach you to take such steps? You picked an elderly holy lady for your fake case of religion? Is this what your religion tells you do? Are you teaching your kids the same?

There is no difference between you and a jihadi. So when you give your speeches about terrorists remember you are the same.

If being a minority has created so much insecurity with the majority then I’m sure there is something good that these priests and nuns are doing.


Her story touched me. I’m glad we have women who have the balls to fight like this.

I hope she gets the justice she deserved. Mamta Banerjee are you listening?

Read more about here wpid-fb_img_1426917488774.jpg


Yeah here we go again. There have been numerous debates and protests on this.

But i want to know why was this ban bought into effect after the new government came into power?

It is a direct message to the minority community that we need to follow the majority religion in this country? Are we all now supposed to convert to Hinduism? Is this not the hidden agenda behind this ban?

Why is Good Friday not a public holiday in Gujrat? Again a hidden agenda by the majority religion?

So my friends I protest this ban not because I want to eat beef but because the reasons for this ban are purely religious agendas driven by the politicians hiding behind the government.


When certain religious groups launched the  “come back home” agenda what home are they talking about? India is and will always be my home and I’m free to do as I please. There is no other home for me.



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